Meet Melody

Meet Melody:


Melody is a Jack Russell mixed with who knows what, but we suspect some Corgi, and Boxer. She’s 40 pounds soaking wet, about 2 years old and the sweetest little puppy. She enjoys naps with her puppy-dad Arron, dogs parks, and stealing food off every surface in our apartment. I swear there is no counter top too high for this dog. When I brought this little puppy home I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I was moving out and had been wanting a dog since I could remember. So I thought to myself, “I’m an adult and I make my own decisions” and then Melody was here.

I can’t tell you how many time’s I came into the living room to see everything destroyed. Napping was impossible unless she was in her Kennel. Then came potty training which was a nightmare that I could have never imagined, but thankfully we all made it to the other side in one piece. Her chewing was out of control as well. We once woke up to her passed out on the bed, with just the head of my little stuffed bunny still half in her mouth with the fuzz coating our entire bedroom. She finally grew out of that was well and sticks to her bones and kong. It was all worth it though. Every stain I scrubbed, every cord I replaced, every turkey burger that mysteriously went missing from the counter and every sock shes chewed up. I’d do it all over again for this dog.



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