Written 07/17/2017. Prompt – Alarm Clock

Your eyes feel rested, your head is sitting on top of a soft cloud. Images flicker through your mind, some are pixellated, but still beautiful in their own way. What do you see?

Flowers blooming in the spring? Puppies filling your lap and then your face with their puppy kisses? Do you feel happy, sad, or scared? Are you feeling anything at all? Do you see your highschool boyfriend taking that OTHER girl to the prom? Do you re-experience your first kiss with your soul mate?

Are you in a different world? What does it look like? Maybe there is a dragon, and their best friend is a rhino with two horns. Do the flowers I mentioned earlier talk? What are they saying, or maybe singing? Are you learning a new skill that wouldn’t be possible in the real world? Like riding a broom stick or building a spaceship under water?Are you joined by familiar faces, or strangers?

You finally have an answer for all of the ridiculous, yet totally plausible questions that were asked. No, there aren’t any puppies, but it would be great it there could be. You feel inspired yet exasperated as you watch that boy break your heart, re-living the heart-break. Why do you feel these things? Because you know he isn’t worth your tears, but you empathize with your younger self. You want to travel to that different world, so you do. You use that broom stick to go to the land with the dragons, and rhinos. You dive underwater to see how the space ship is coming along, and you see those familiar…


Your alarm just went off. That dream land is gone, the memories of it fade away faster than you can open your eyes. You wish the dream land a farewell as you go to start your every day life.

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