On the weekends my husband enjoys doing some work working, it gets him some time out of the house while doing something he enjoys. They have a great time while I get to enjoy an empty house and watch whatever I want on Netflix / YouTube. The only con of this is that when he gets home in the afternoon he wants to relax and maybe take a quick nap. While I’ve been at home relaxing and getting re-energized for the week, but I’m ready to have an adventure, and he well, isn’t. So one day he just wanted to nap in quite and I want to go do something, anything, just get me out of this house! So he looked at me and said “Why don’t you go to that craft store or something?”. That was all the persuasion I needed.

I put some adult clothes on, (changing from my basketball shorts, tank top and bed head messy bun) and hopped in my car. I turned on a good podcast and drove the 20 minutes to Bowling Green KY, got lost only once, and eventually found my way into the amazing glitter filled store. When I go to Michael’s I’m usually there on a mission for something very specific, and with a budget that I’m very conscious of. I try not to wonder and get distracted, I know what I want and I get out before I end up with more debt than my student and car loan combined. This time was different; I didn’t have anything specific in mind so I let myself wonder. I didn’t go crazy and buy the $50 doodle pen, I watched the prices as I shopped, don’t worry. I ended up getting some new paint brushes and some new stencils. Becuase I was finally letting myself enjoy the true michaels experience, I started having thoughts I wasn’t expecting as I casually walked through the store. Here it is; thoughts I had while browsing Michael’s crafts.

  1. I know I have about 5 sketch books at home, but I feel like I need this one that has the elephant on the cover. None of mine have an elephant right there on the front.
  2. How much does it cost to open an Etsy Store?
  3. How hard could an Etsy store be to run and make a profit? I mean all the answers seem to be in this store.
  4. Wait, if I open an Etsy store do I get to just live in Michael’s and Joannes?
  5. What could I build with modeling clay?
    1. Opens Pinterest and instantly realizes I don’t have the talent for that.
  6. I could be a scrap booker right? Wait, that includes getting pictures printed, eh, maybe next time.
  7. Am I too old to cover all of my electronic devices in stickers? I mean look at all these options!
  8. *Singing along to the pop station on the speakers* I could be in a Bruno Mars music video. I would love it and all of a sudden be able to dance.
  9. **Avoids the cardstock isle because I’m having flash backs to making my wedding invitations, from scratch, for days on end.
  10. If I paint this bird house it will look like a child did it, and I don’t have a child to blame it on. Probably not a good idea.

All in all it was a great experience going to Michael’s with an open mind. It was a relaxing afternoon and an inspiring one. I was giggling to myself as I walk walking down the idles thinking these things, while knowing that I looked like an idiot. If I was confident enough to vlog this experience I would have. Although it would be missing a crucial part, which would be my best friend Cameo pushing me to try on things or create something I never knew I could. And also me chasing her around with a random object bugging the crap out of her.

As Dan and Phil would say, Don’t cry, Craft!


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