I sit here, thinking about how I failed to post anything this week. Thinking about how I let myself down, all because I was tired, and well, didn’t feel like it. Thinking about all the work I put into this blog, and how I’m letting down my 29 subscribers. Well, that is, if they even noticed I was gone.

I sit here, needing something to calm my mind down. Something to ground me, something to get myself out of my own head. Something to inspire me, something to make me dream. I searched the internet for something new, something that my eyes have not seen or my ears have not heard. I couldn’t find anything, so do you know what my mind did next?

Doctor Who. Yes, that Sci-Fi show about a man in a blue box, going and causing trouble around the universe. Then, just in the nick of time, he saves the world and his companion(s).

I flipped to Amazon (because stupid netflix got rid of it, why netflix, why?!?!) and turned on an episode with Matt Smith as the doctor. I have already seen all of them, and can’t think of one that I disliked, so I just picked one at random. Oddly enough the episode I picked was the one right before the Pandorica Opens. One of the most amazing ends to a season ever. I watched as my favorite time lord and companions fought the “up-stairs” and helped two London-ers fall in love. I continued along the play list and there it was, the Pandorica. Seeing this again made me feel what I was craving, the feeling of being grounded and inspried at the same time.

The worries of the week don’t matter in this moment. The worries of making sure everything is perfect for the wedding doesn’t exist. This week I have been feeling like I’m running on empty. That as soon as I get home I will just collapse, and embrace the sweet cold of the floor. This week I felt like the doctor trapped in the Pandorica, yelling and screaming but never getting anything done. This week was just the perfect storm at work, and at home. A lot of things still need to be done for the wedding, and I’m trying to be over prepared at work. It is not excuse for not writing though, and I apologize.

I finally felt inspired tonight, after watching those amazing stories of my favorite Time Lord saving the universe. My favorite part of these two episodes though, is what the Doctor tells Amy Pond when he is trying to get her to remember.

You’ll remember me a little. I’ll be a story in your head. That’s okay. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? ‘Cause it was, you know. It was the best. The daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away. Did I ever tell you that I stole it? Well I borrowed it. I was always going to take it back. Oh that box. Amy, you’ll dream about that box. It’ll never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient and the bluest blue ever. And the times we had, eh? Woulda had. Never… had. In your dreams they’ll still be there.

I’m not sure why that little tad bit makes me feel inspired, but it does. Maybe it’s my love of story telling, but no matter what I’ll take what I can get. Wish me luck for this weekend and next week. Either way I will make more time to write, and more time to feel grounded. Even if that means I need to lock myself in a room and watch more Doctor Who than ever before.

I’m going to go drink now,