Written 3/26/2017. Prompt – Describe the Days of the Week as if They Were People

Sunday – Sunday walks up to you and you instantly want to give him a hug. You can feel the sadness that is fueling this poor soul. Sunday always looked like he had forgotten something, but he could never remember what it was. Sunday was always running errands at the last-minute and trying to be a better person by the end of the day. Sunday never did accomplish this, he always left something un-done, something for someone else to get to.

Monday – Monday is someone you can hear from 3 blocks down. You can hear them singing, and saying good morning to every god damn soul they see. Even if it is a sewer rat, Monday has gone up to it and wished it a good morning. Most of this happened right as the sun came up, causing everyone to just moan and groan back at Monday. Monday always worse these bright yellow sun glasses and a pink dress that looked like it was from the 50’s. No one could handle Monday before 9am, she was just too damn cheery.

Tuesday – Tuesday was well, bland. He would sign up for 5K’s and maybe he would start to read a new book that he had been putting off.. The 5K would get canceled by Thursday, and the book would be left with just the first few pages turned. Tuesday was pretty calm, and always wore neutral colors. He was always skipped over in conversation, because well, he wasn’t that interesting. He didn’t mind though, he liked not being dragged into any of the drama caused by his friends Friday & Saturday.

Wednesday – Wednesday was never consistent. She was either over the moon excited or she was depressed as could be. There was no middle ground for this poor girl. But when she was happy, she was elated. She would wear this bright green dress, with white polka dots all over the full skirt. She would come home excited and ready to get shit done, she have the kitceh spotless while still haveing time for dinner and a movie. On the days she was not unstoppable she was terrifying to be around. Moping about, not caring about anything. That green dress hung up in the closet, locked away not being able to see the day light. Wednesday was a bit, well, wacky.

Thursday – Thursday was very cocky. He thought he was the coolest guy in the room, but was never to blame for anything that went wrong. Friday or Saturday were always blamed whenever something got broken or someones feeling were hurt, not Thursday. Thursday couldn’t be bothered. He wore jeans that cuffed at the bottom and a plain white t-shirt with douch-ey sunglasses, even while he was inside a room with no windows. Nothing was really relevent about Thursday, but he acted as if the world couldn’t exist without him. Really, I think he was just jealous of Friday & Saturday, he was always coming up a bit short of those two.

Friday – Friday was fun. Friday is a smart, playful, attractive women. She could be the life of the party if she wanted to, but she could also go for a quite night in. She always had this look about her that she had just accomplished a whole weeks worth of work. She made this look effortless, as everyone else struggled to get through the week. Everyone was jealous of Friday. She could eat a whole box of Mac and Cheese with ice cream for dinner and would still lose weight. She was naturally tone and had long brown hair that never needed to be maintained. She was either wanted by most, or looked at as a goal for others.

Saturday – Saturday was the ultimate party animal. He was a ladies man, smooth as a sailor and could beat anyone at beer pong. He never seemed to get tired, and could drink anyone under the table. Thursday tried this often, but could never beat Saturday at his own game. Saturday always hosted the parties, but never showed up the next day for the clean up. He probably spent the next morning recovering from the night before or getting the last poor soul home that had been over come by his spell.

How would you desribe the days of the week?

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