I’ve had my FitBit for almost a year now and I do love it. I’ll admit I’m not as good at getting my steps in as I once was but I still love having this work out buddy on my wrist. I love the sleep tracker and I do my best to track my water intake. I am constantly in workweek hustles or weekend warriors, just to try to get better. It makes me get up and take my dog for a walk. It makes me park further away at the store to get those few extra steps in. I love looking at the graphs from weeks or months past, mostly because I love data, but It really does help.

I do however have some suggestions for future updates. Read closely FitBit.

  1. A feature where you can set how many “bad foods” you are allowed each day, or week and for the FitBit to literally reject the bad food from my hands when I have reached my limit. If I pick up a cupcake when I’m over my limit I want it to make me throw that cup cake on the ground. If I go to eat a piece of cake I want it to zap my wrist until I let go and get over 500 yards away from that piece of cake.
  2. Instead of just tracking my water by me entering it or using one of the compatible water bottles (which I desperately want, if anyone is looking for a surprise gift for me), to have it not let you drink anything bad until you have reached your water limit. I want it to either throw that soda out of my hands or make it so it tastes disgusting if I try to drink it. I want my FitBit to force me to drink more water, not just suggest it.
  3. I want my FitBit to reward me when I hit my step goal. I don’t just want those fire works on my wrist, I need more! I would accept cash, check, gold, amazing gift cards, really anything.
  4. I would also like more incentive to reach my goal by taking things away until I reach my goal. If it is 8:30pm, and I’m not at my step goal I need my FitBit to disconnect my internet, change the password, and not give it to me until I meet that goal.
  5. I want my FitBit to tell me when I’m going to have to go pee. So, if I’m at the movies it can alert me and say “If you drink another sip of that you will need to be in 47 minutes, during the biggest plot scene of this movie.

Those are just 5 improvements I want the FitBit team to reach towards. I mean, if they can track my sleep, they can create all of the above.

Your move FitBit,


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