Written 3/11/2017. Prompt – What makes your soul happy?

What makes my soul happy you ask? Well I’ll let you know that there are a few things that do infact make my soul happy. They might sound strange to some, but it’s not your soul now is it?

Doctor Who makes my soul happy. The man who appears as if from dreams. The sound of the Tardis brings hope to whoever hears it. The Doctor is something I can let my imagination run wild with. I can let my inner child out, and, if even for a second, I can believe.

Seeing the people of my hometown come together during a terrifying time. To see people opening their homes and giving more than they even had to begin with. That truly makes my soul happy.

Seeing the man I’m going to marry hold me up with I can’t do it for myself. He doesn’t limit this to just me either. Anyone he meets, he will help you get back up if you’re down. That makes my soul happy.

Here I am Alive by Yellowcard genuinely makes my soul happy. I’m listening to it as I write this. “I jumped I fell I hit the ground but here I am alive.” Those words make me feel warm, empowered, and that I have something to give the world.

Creating. Whether it be words on paper, picture on film, paint on canvas or formulas in a computer. Creating with my hands is something that I will always do. It is something I can’t stop doing, because it, without a doubt, makes my soul happy.

Sometimes I feel that my thoughts are some what child like. That can be embarrassing at times.  I just have to remember that it is okay to relish in a child like mind every now and again.

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