Hi friends! I’m back!

My apologies for taking last week off. I needed a week to re-coup and take on life. I was feeling over whelmed and unfortunately that meant that I needed to take something off my plate. That something was this blog. But I am back!

The weekend before last my best friend came to town and it was wedding planning central! We did invitations, got me a dress, decided on my hair style, and spent hundreds of dollars at Michael’s. This was more wedding planning in 3 days then I had done in over a year. Through all of this I learned some things about this process, from the brides point of view. Here are some things I learned about wedding planning:

  1. Figuring out your color scheme is one of the most important things you need to do. Do it now! I couldn’t start anything else without choosing my color scheme. Invites, decorations, shoes, and flowers all had to wait until I buckled down and made a decision. We went with grey and yellow. Once that was decided we were full steam ahead.
  2. Sometimes DIY really is cheaper than just buying something. Granted it will turn your house into a craft store but hey, it’s worth it. We made all of our invitations for $98 at Michael’s. This was with having a lot of left over supplies and buying a few things we really didn’t need. Note: we are inviting about 50-65 people to our wedding, if you are inviting more this might be more of a task. Also it was really fun to grab a bottle of wine and hang out with my best friend while we crafted away.
  3. Make / order more invitations than you need. 1) you will want to save one for yourselves. You don’t want to do all that work and not have one to show off! 2) You will forget someone or you will lose an invitation and have to re-make / re-order one.
  4. If you’re soon to be spouse isn’t jumping in to help with all the DIY and crafts that is okay. They are probably scared of messing something up. Also if you are doing this with a friend they might want to hang back and let you guys have time together. Arron did help address some of the invitations at the end but he wasn’t a big part of making them, and that’s okay. Me and Cameo had a blast doing it. We made sure he was okay with the color scheme and let him see a proto type. Also when I was making our bouquets he felt weird helping, he knew that I had a vision in my head that he just wasn’t seeing.
  5. Dress shopping is over whelming as it is, try not to bring 15 people with you. Choose the people or person whose opinon really matters and leave the rest at home. When I went I brought 1 person, and that was all I could handle. I am a tad different though. I get very anxious doing these types of things anyway, so the less people the better. When we went there was a bride who had brought at least 8 people and I could feel the tension from down the hall. Everyone giving a different opinion, everyone wanting to be the most important but claiming that they aren’t doing that. No thanks, I just want to get a dress and get out of there.
  6. Last but not least this is all very over whelming, and you will feel very stressed but that is okay. That is what your soon to be spouse and best friends are for. Even your wedding planning if you’re cool enough to have one of those! Just remember that this is your day with your soon to be spouse, no one elses, just yours. Have fun with it and ask for help when you need it!

I still have a lot of planning ahead of me, but we are over the hump! A huge thank you to Cameo for getting my butt into gear with all of this and showing me the way!

I’m happy to be back, thank you for reading!