If you follow me on Social Media (if you don’t you should, links will be at the end) you know that my best friend Cameo is coming to town this weekend!! She is flying out to fulfil our dream of trying on wedding dresses! I am getting married in April and I’ve put this off mostly because I find it very intimidating. But I know with Cameo by my side I can do this!

We haven’t seen each other since the summer of 2013. She visited me in Ventura CA and we went to Warped Tour! (Checked that off the bucket list finally.) We had a blast. We saw some amazing bands, got sun burnt, put body paint on each other and danced our faces off. Since she is coming to town this weekend I figured Id share one of the pictures I took of her at Warped tour in 2013. My best friend everyone;


She is actually really good at riding mechanical bulls, and this shot came out of no where. We had a blast this day. After warped tour we went to the beach, and I drove her down Highway 1 all the way to Santa Monica. I’m overly excited to see her this weekend, it has been far too long since we were together.

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See you next week!