• Dear Kimmy in middle school:You are not a trained hair stylist and you are 12 years old. You are not qualified to cut your own hair, much less try to give yourself layers. Don’t pick up those scissors, don’t even think about it. I wish I would have told myself that before I cut 3-4 inches off the right side of my hair, on just the top of the hair. I also wish I could tell myself that I should go get it fixed and rock short hair instead of waiting for it to grow out. What were you thinking 12-year-old Kimmy? (I wish I could find photos of this.)
  • Dear Kimmy in 7th grade math class: Pay attention! This will actually come in handy later! Mostly it will help you understand your future math classes. Stop having Cameo do your homework, learn it instead! Also please ask more questions about fractions, I still don’t understand.
  • Dear Kimmy in every english class: Read the books. This will actually help your writing in ways you can’t imagine. Don’t just look up the cliff notes, actually read the book. You might enjoy them, you never know. Also if you’re having trouble reading ask for help, that is 100% okay. Don’t be embarrassed, just ask for help when you need it.
  • Dear Kimmy in Highschool: 99% of the time, when a boy tells you “I love you”, he doesn’t mean it. Even when they say “I like you”, they still don’t mean it. You will meet someone in the future that actually understands love and will show you what real love it. I wish I could show you the difference now and save you some trouble a long the way. Stay strong, not all guys are complete assholes. (Just most of them, especially 16-18 year olds.)
  • Dear 18-year-old Kimmy: Please, for the love of God, don’t smoke that cigarette. Say “no thank you” and walk away. Just don’t, okay?
  • Dear Junior year of Highschool of Kimmy: It will get better. School wont always suck, and you wont always feel this way. You are going to get out of that school and do amazing things. Just keep working and you’ll be fine. Also, if you could put oil in your truck that would be great, if you don’t it will blow up. (It did).
  • Dear Kimmy since I could dress myself: Please figure out fashion faster.  (See below evidence)
    • youngkimmy                                                                   youngkimmy1                                                                   youngkimmy2
  • Dear 17-19 year old Kimmy: Open a savings account and throw away the card / account number. Put 10 bucks in after every check and forget about it. This would have come in handy multiple times, especially when your car blows up, again.
  • Dear Kimmy living in Ventura, CA: Keep having fun! You will remember these few years for the rest of your life. Go to the beach more, make more friends and keep making those crazy memories. You will be looking back at those times for years to come. Also thank you for coloring your hair red, that was an amazing decision. (R.I.P Red streaks)                                                                                                                          youngkimmy3
  • Dear a fresh 19-year-old Kimmy: You will be moving to Nashville Tennessee in a few short hours. I know your scared, but don’t be. The moment you get in your car a new chapter is going to begin. You are going to meet amazing people, get back together with family and find out more about yourself than you ever could have in California. Thank you for choosing this place to come to. You have no idea what is about to happen. In just a couple of weeks you’re going to meet a guy that you will end up marrying. So please, don’t be scared. Be excited, you are making a decision that will change your life for the better. You are going to figure out who you are in this city. Thank you 19-year-old me.

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