This week I want to show you all a self portrait I took in 2015. At this point I had recently got my camera and was trying new things with it. I never shared this specific picture and thought it was time I did. I am still learning how to appreciate my own self portriats and I believe this is the first step.

I can see the bags under my eyes from working as many hours as I could at my newest job. This was when I started showing off the freckles around my eyes instead of hiding them. I can’t tell if I look sad or angry though, the feelings I had in the moment arn’t coming to my mind at this time. I do remember how much fun I had making this back drop though. Arron came home to paint on the cieling, the dog, the carpet and all over myself. And no, this was not the first time I accidently painted the dog.

My favorite part of this picture is my eyes. It looks like I am looking into someones eyes, not a camera. This isn’t meant to brag, I just never really took the time to look at this before. Especially with self portriats I edit and move on. I have an idea in my head of what I was going for and that is what I focus on. Not me.

The Life Of Kimmy Self Portrait 2015

I will be doing more self portraits this year, but I wanted to analize one from the past. This might change how I think of the ones I create in the future.

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