Hi Friends!

I have loved getting serious about my blogging and realized I wanted to do more than just 1 article post a week. I thought about it and decided to add photography to my blogging adventure! These new posts will be located on the “Photo Blog” tab in my menu. Every wednesday a new photo will go up. These photos will range from creative, landscapes, and anything else I can get my lens on. This gives me a reason to get back into a hobby that I love. I’m going to share new photos and share some of my favorite photographs that I have taken. Along with that I want to try out new tecniques within this world that fasinates me.

I’ll talk about each photo in the post. This might be how the photograph happened, the new technique I learned or a memory from that picture. I’m excited to start this sub-adventure and to dust off my camera. Please feel free to leave comments with your opinon of each weeks photo and suggestions for new photos!

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Here is my first photo for 2017. I call this “The Nose of Melody”.

A big nose for a little puppy.

Melody is about 40 pounds, which is a good medium size dog. She had long legs that took some growing into, and same for her head. When she was a puppy her head looked obviously 5 times bigger than her little body. She just had to grow into it. The face you see in this picture is the face of a puppy that just wants to sleep but her annoying mom has this camera in her face, thus hundering her sleep. She is a good sport when it comes to my photography obsession, but when she’s done shes done. It’s like she understands exactly what the camera is, and how to avoid it. She has moments when she is more than willing to pose for the camera, but when she is done she will avoid the lens by not sitting still. I love the personality in her face, she is a very sassy and inteligant. I feel like you can see that in this picture. She wasn’t looking at me, she was looking into the lens like she’s a natural.