Happy New Year everyone! It is now, officially, 2017 and this is the time of year that everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. I want to do that, but with a twist. I want to make a list of Goals for 2017. Some are very attainable and some will take some work, but these are all things think I can accomplish. For the first time in my life I have a clear idea of what I want to do. Now it’s not crystal clear, but it’s better than what I’ve been working with. 2017 will be the year that I grow towards the goals and dreams I have for myself. So without further adieu, here are my 2017 Goals (in no particular order):

  1. Get married!! Me and Arron have been engaged for over a year. We originally decided on an October 2017 date for the wedding. Bu then, after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, we decided that it couldn’t wait that long. Now we will be tying the knot in April! I am overly excited to marry this man and I know it’ll be a day to remember. We are going to take on the world and I can’t wait to see what else 2017 holds for us.
  2. To blog consistantly. I have started to do this and do not want to loose my momentum. Posting every Monday has kept me accountable and forces my creative juices to keep flowing. It gives me a deadline I have to meet and I love seeing my writing evolve and my ideas come to light. I’m so happy I made this decision in October and I want it to continue through out 2017. I also want to add more content and post more often. More content should come out this week or next (fingers crossed!)  I hope to just stay consistent and build steadily. Wish me luck!
  3. Take more pictures of myself. This might sound vain but this is more about self image than anything. I did the “Nine of 16” on instagram and couldn’t even post it. There were two pictures of Melody, a waterfall and a few pictures of my shoes. My self image and self confidence were really tested this last year and I want to change that. I want to take more pictures of myself, and of me and Arron. These photos will last a lifetime, and I want to be able to see myself in a different light. In 2015 & 2016 I gianed some weight. I also started a job in an office. That’s been a lot of fun, but for the first time in my life my job didn’t require me to be on my feet all day. This, along with good old fashioned southern cooking, led to weight gain. I look back on photos from 2012 when I was living on the beach in California and I just feel disgusted with myself now. I need to change that image in my head.
  4. Learn and practice more photography techniques. I love learning new things I can do with my camera, but I quickly get discoureged and I over think it. ‘It wont look as amazing as the ones I’ve seen online’, ‘I’m just going to look like an idiot trying this’, ‘I need the perfect camera and photo editing software to do this’. Those are just a few of the thoughts that run through my head. I want to get better at “doing it” instead of “over thinking it”. For example, I learned how to do Clone Photography last year and I love it! I need to do more things like that. It sparks my imagination and inspiration. Plus, it looks pretty cool, too.
  5. Gather 2-3 ideas for an e-book. I have always loved writing (ergo this blog) and one of my dreams has been to write a book.  Now-a-days writing an ebook is much more attanabile, and it can be a great stepping stone to understanding yourself better as writer. I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete an ebook in 2017 but I want to get the ball rolling. I want to come up with 2-3 ideas for an ebook, and this time I’ll write those ideas down instead of keeping them in my head. I always think, ‘Oh there is no way I’ll forget this’, but when I sit down to write about those ideas they are suddenly gone. Go figure. Maybe I will actually complete the ebook this year, but even if I don’t – thats okay. I just need those 2-3 ideas I can work off of and then 2018’s goal will be to complete it.
  6. Visit at least 5 more national & state parks. Arron and I started hiking this fall and we fell in love with it. We visited Natural Bridge State Resort park and this is what kicked off our hiking adventures. I want to visit at least 5 more parks and hike through them. It is a great way to get active and the perfect sport for me since I know if I get too over heated I can sit and cool down. We can’t really go in the summer because of the heat but spring and fall are more than enough time to achive this goal. This goal also comes down to me just wanting to see more of the world. What better way to do that then seeing National and State Parks?
  7. To not chop my hair off in 2017 but to get regular trims. I really want to grow my hair out while keeping it healthy, but there are a couple problems I run into with this. One problem is that I am horrible at getting regular trims. My average hair cut is once or twice a year, and lately those couple times resulted in a huge chop. The second problem is that I am very impusilve and when I get frusterated with something I have to fix it, now. I used to never have the urge to chop my hair off but that was before I experienced a summer that was 80% humidity plus for 4-5 months. I get so annoyed with my hair sticking to my neck and being just a huge frizz ball on top of my head. This leads to me spontanously going to the hair salon and chopping it all off. The first time I did this I cut off almost 9 inches of hair. I did like the short hair and kept it short for about a year, but then I started missing my long hair. There are so many things I can do with long hair! French briads, fishtail braids, buns, and so many cool braids. If any of you hear my say I want to chop my hair please just slap me, please. Then remind me to go get a trim because I probably need one.
  8. Read more books and different articles online. I have never been a great reader. I have very bad dislexia so reading and math are two of the hardest things to do for me. I love to write but reading can be very difficult. Words can get mixed up in my head and I get very discouraged. I want to work through this and just read more. This also leads to reading different things including books, blogs and articles. I have a small range of things I read on a regular basis and I want to broaden that. I can re-read Harry Potter until the cows come home, but I have a hard time reading things I don’t know if I will enjoy. I want to get out of that and just read a diverse range of stuff. If you have any good sugesstions please let me know!
  9. Be more social. I am a home-body, and that pretty much sums this one up. I don’t leave my house to go do things. If I do it’s usually with Arron to go do something together. If he goes to a friends house, I stay home and that usually ends up with me getting glitter and paint everywhere. I want to get out more, and go be with more people in general. My anxiety peeked when I moved to the south and I didn’t make very many friends.  I’m still working on that. A big struggle for me is that I am a work -aholic.  I get up at 5:30am to get to work at 8am, and I stay until at least 5 if not later and then get home around 6-7pm. On the weekends I get the house ready for the next week and try to get some more sleep in. This doesn’t give me a lot of time for friends or being more social. This is something I want to work on in 2017.
  10. Learn how to play the piano.  When we moved into our new house, Arron and I bought an pretty good electric keyboard to keep in the music room. I have always wanted to learn the piano, but I never did. I know the C Major scale but that’s about it. I want to learn the piano, at least at a begginer’s level. I want to be able to play a little here and there and to read piano music. I don’t want to become Billy Joel or Elton John this year (looking at you 2019!), but maybe get to the point where I could learn one of their songs.

Those are the 10 goals I want to work towards in 2017. I think they are all something I can realisticlly achieve. Goals like, “I’ma loose 500 pounds” or “I’ll only eat spinach and kale for the rest of my life” probably won’t work for me. I have always needed goals that I can see the finish line. If I have a goal that I can’t see myself getting to I will just get discouraged and wonder “whats the point”? This doesn’t mean that I wont accomplish bigger goals, but I do have to break them into managable chunks. This is just what works for me. What works for you? Do you stack up small goals as part of a bigger goal like me? Or do you go after the big picture from the get go? If you are the latter I am very interested in how you do this! Let me know as I would love to hear your opinons!

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2017! Stay tuned for new things coming your way.

Happy 2017;