Christmas is a magical time of year. Cities get decorated, lights go up, cookies get baked and families come together. We knew we couldn’t go as big for Christmas this year (we got a condo on the beach in Florida last year), but we still wanted to do something and this year did not disappoint.

Christmas Eve was spent with my TN family at my step-sisters house. We played Dirty Santa which didn’t turn out too dirty, there wasn’t very many steals but it was still a good time. We then opened up the rest of the presents and we all enjoyed watching the joy on everyone’s faces as wrapping paper was thrown about the floor. My step-mom made some amazing Mulled Wine and all of our bellies were full and hearts happy.

We then had a little friendly competition with a game that is new to me, but is now going into my arsenal for party games. It is a “Minute to win it” game involving Oreo’s and your face. The goal of the game is to start with the cookie on your forehead and get the cookie into your mouth by only using your face muscles. This is way harder than it seems. We had a minute on the timer and went at it. The easiest part was getting it off your forehead, but the rest was not a cake walk. It was hilarious trying this game and watching others play. Arron was the champ at this, he was the only one to accomplish the feat, great job babe. The night came to an end and we all headed home to snuggle in and get ready for Christmas day.

For Christmas day Arron booked a room at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel in Chattanooga TN. This city and hotel holds a special place in our hearts. This is where we took our first vacation as a couple and we have been in love with that city every since. The hotel rooms are old train cars on the tracks. This time of year they have an outdoor ice skating rink and torches burning through out the night. Usually when we go to Chattanooga we make a point to stop by the aquarium this visit did not leave time for that but that’s okay, I’m sure we will be back to see it again. The main attraction of our trip was the Enchanted Garden of Lights in Rock City. This is a rock garden decorated all out for Christmas, including some of the Caverns of Look out Mountain. If you come before 12/23 you can meet Santa & Mrs. Claus. Elf’s help you navigate the Gardens and there are different worlds you can see. The lights were outrageous and they had different stations you could participate as well, you could decorate cookies, get some hot co co and sit around the many fire pits and roast marshmallows. This was also Dog friendly, which is very nice and it was fun to see all the puppies dressed up for Christmas. Melody did join us in Chattanooga but not to the light show, that poop pup has way too much anxiety for an outing like that. The lights were beautiful and I managed to get some video of it as well. Check it out here:

This is my first video and I’m excited to be getting into this world! Maybe more videos will come in 2017, I never know what will happen, but that is what makes this and adventure I guess.

This Christmas was amazing and I loved spending it will people I love. A big thank you to Arron for planning this Chattanooga trip and finding the Enchanted Garden of Lights. This was another year for the books and I can’t wait to find out what kind of Adventure we take next Christmas! Leave comments about how your Christmas was, I’d love to hear all about it!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that everyone is getting ready to bring in 2017! The next time I post it will officially be 2017! Have a safe and fun New Years!

-See you next year,