Recently me and Arron have started a low carb diet. A lot of my family here in TN does this and we have heard great things and seen the transformations. I also wanted to try this because I could feel my body yelling at me to get all the crap out, so I answered. A low carb diet isn’t counting calories (thank god, we’ve tried that, it’s not fun) it reducing your daily carb intake to as little as possible. This means no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, and most fruits. Me and Arron got very used to the “meat and potatoes” life style of the south so we knew this wasn’t going to be easy. My weakness is mac and cheese and I think Arron’s would have to be bread (I mean have you tried the biscuits from Red Lobster?).dori-carb

We started this about two weeks ago and we have had some hiccups. Don’t worry this wont turn into a fitness blog or strictly recipe blog (although if I find a good one I will be inclined to share). This is just something new we are trying and wanted to share what was working for us and some things that didn’t work, maybe one of you is doing the same and we can swap recipes. Also I just want to say that I am not a chef, dietitian, or trained in the art of cutting carbs, this is just my opinion and some things we have tried.

Here are some of our low carb diet experiences, and remember this is from a beginner who just had a cheat day (We had ice cream and it did taste amazing), we are still learning and will hopefully find new ways to indulge our cravings.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower is supposed to be a great substitute for potatoes, rice and sometimes pasta (there is a cauliflower mac and cheese recipe I want to try). We tried the mashed potato form and it was pretty good, well I thought so, Arron was not a fan. We try the frozen pre-prepared meal, so maybe if we try the real thing he will have a better chance of liking it. I did like it and it tricked my brain enough to make me thing it was mashed potatoes. We made a gravy with chicken broth and almond flour and had a big helping of broccoli on the side. All in all, pretty good. I recently tried the Riced cauliflower and it wasn’t that bad. I definitely had to over season and I added some cheese, but after that pretty close to rice. The trick is to think that you’re eating rice or mashed potatoes, let your brain to the heavy lifting, not your taste buds.

Almond Flour & Coconut flour: We found these when we went for our first lo-carb grocery trip. We want to try pancakes, cookies and maybe a pie crust. We are currently, at this moment, trying a almond flour pizza dough, I will let you all know how that turns out. This is to replace all the other flours in the house. White, wheat, rice, anything. The coconut flour is a bit sweet so we usually do a mix of mostly almond with a dash of coconut. We did make a gravy with the almond flour and it turned out pretty well, it was slightly more grainy then regular flour, but it got the job done.

No more Dunkin’ Donuts: Black coffee with Milk for me from now on. I had to realize that I really drink more sugar than coffee in the mornings. My order is a large Iced Mocha with Cream. So a tad of coffee, mostly cream then stir in some sugar and chocolate, that was my coffee that I got at least twice a day. I have since switched to a hot coffee that is made at home with my Kurig. I love the Donut Shop Regular Medium Roast, Kurig Hot K Cups. It is a darker coffee but it does taste like there is a tad of chocolate from just how rich it is. I brew up 2 of those each morning, add about 1/4th a cup of milk (I am trying to transition to almond milk, but one battle at a time), and a squirt of artificial sweetener.

Shirataki Noodles: These are “noodles” made from something called Devil’s Tongue, which is yam-like I believe. They are translucent and not really a noodle, but this is another thing that you have to trick your self into believing they are something else. These really aren’t too different from noodles, the texture is a bit more chewy but they absorb flavor like noodles and don’t require as much cooking time since they really aren’t a noodle. You can buy these dry or in liquid. We have the ones that come in a bag with water. We found them at wall-mart and so far we have just made a chicken noodle soup with these and it worked great! These are a bit more expense, they are about $2.50 per package and 1 package is about enough for a bowl or two of chicken noodle. Also make sure you rinse these well, they do have a weird “earth” smell, but don’t worry this goes away after you cook with them.

Snacks: This is also very hard, no more crackers, cookies or popcorn. We have a lot of cheese in our house and meats. I love cheese cubes with salami. Salami with cream cheese rolled up in it. String cheese is also great. To relieve the craving for salty, cunchy chips we do Broccoli and ranch dressing. I also love cucumber with tuna, to me it’s like chip’s and salsa which is a great Sunday afternoon snack. Arron also showed me Summer Sausage, this is a great snack, just cut of a piece of this and your taste buds will be delighted with you. Arron also came up with these “Green onion fries”, as I call them. He took a green onion, some salami or roast beef sandwich meet and cream cheese. He spreads the cream cheese on the meat and wrapped it around the green oninon. This is crunchy and filling because of the meat and cream cheese, I like to compare them to french fries as you could probably tell by what I call them.

Well there are some of the newest items of our diet and life style change of switching to low carb. We are already seeing results as in we are loosing some weight and feeling better. I’m a much happier person in the mornings and I’m not as tired when I get home from work. One of the biggest challenges is getting lunch at work, I usually get a salad from some where or get a burger, take the bun off and eat it with a knife and fork. We are hoping to keep this change and just get used to eating less carbs in general.

Have you had experience with a low carb diet? Tell me about your journey, I’d love to hear it! Catch me on facebook (the life of kimmy) and twitter @lifeofkimmy. I will talk to you all next Monday! I hope everyone has a great holiday!!

See you next Monday!

-A carb-less Kimmy