California and Tennessee and very different. I grew up in Northern California and lived in Southern California for a couple years. Then I made my way to the south, I never realized how different it truly was. You hear people say how different it is, and you see the cliche movies like Dukes of Hazard and Sweet Home Alabama. But you truly don’t know until you experience it. So here are some things that I have noticed are different between California and Tennessee.

  • Avocados – In California you can walk into any restaurant or fast food place and ask for Avocado. That isn’t a thing in Tennessee.
  • Church Traffic – Church traffic blows my mind out here. In Hendersonville TN, a town I recently moved from, I knew that on Sundays I had to avoid certain streets because of the Church Traffic. If you got caught in the traffic of church getting out you better plan on being late. That wasn’t thing in California. We had churches and church on Sundays, but we never needed the cops to direct traffic on a Sunday afternoon.
  • People saying “Ma’am”, “Sir”, and the general sense of politeness is something that was new to me. People holding the door for me, calling me Ma’am at the ripe age of 20. It was all very strange. I had to catch on quick and now I appreciate it greatly. In California having someone open a door for you was surprising and looked at as so amazing, out here it is normal and people don’t think twice about doing it.
  • Taking your time. This is something that I still cannot grasp and it does drive me in sane. In California if you go to the grocery store you go to get your food and leave. You don’t go to socialize with anyone and everyone, including the person at check out. I hate going to the grocery store even more here than in California. This also goes for driving, walking around and talking. People in the south like to take their time, end of story. That is perfectly fine, but if you don’t grow up with it, it is hard to deal with.
  • Rain. It can rain at any point, on any day, no matter what the weather man says. If you’re trying to plan a camping trip you better check the cancellation fees or having a super waterproof tent. The harshness of the rain is strange as well, it can rain hard but only lasts for 15 minutes or so at a time. In California if we knew it was going to rain then we knew to count on 1-2 days of a steady rain. Here, it can start storming so hard that you can’t see but it will stop within a few minutes. It’s a common thing for people to pull off the road to wait for the rain and be completely fine with it.
  • In California you can get to almost any climate you want within 2-4 hours. Is it too hot in Northern California? Drive about 3 hours and you can get to the beach in Santa Cruz. Is the beach too amazing for you? Travel about 2 hours from LA and you’ll be in the dessert of Bakersfield. Want to go skiing? Sweet, drive the few hours to Tahoe and have a blast. In TN isn’t as easy. There are a lot of fun places around but getting to a new climate or weather change takes a good 8 hours.

Those are a few of the biggest-est differences between California and Tennessee (the south). Moving from one state to another will always come with some sort of a culture shock, and this was no exception. Things that were normal to me were now completely strange to others. Things that I thought were strange (like fried pickles) are completely normal here. I would suggest that everyone go through this once in their lives, even if it is just to visit somewhere. It really helped shape me into who I am today, and has made me appreciate the small things like someone opening a door for me. I also have to thank Tennessee for attracting me and Arron to it’s country soil, we probably would never have met without you Tennessee.

I am looking forward to traveling in the future and experiencing more culture shock and learning new things. We would love to visit Paris, New Zealand, Australia and so many other places. Do you have any stories about culture shock when you moved or visited a new state or country? Tell me about them in the comments or on facebook! I’d love to hear them!

I hope everyone has a great week and starts their day off with a great Monday.

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