It’s been 9 years since the world said goodbye to Lorelia and Rory Gilmore along with their small town Stars Hallow. When we left them 9 years ago Rory was graduated from college and headed out to start her journalism career and was single. Lorelia and Luke were still not official but it looked promising and the rest of the town was teary eyed over Rory’s leaving. I tried to get into this show a lot over the years but it never stuck. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I fell in love with all of the fore mentioned characters and that dreamy little town. I might have been a decade late to the party, but I enjoyed it just as much. When I heard of the revival I was over joyed and felt so blessed because it would come out mere months after I finish the series, I didn’t have to wait 9 years, only a few months. After all the Thanksgiving festivities and finishing up the work week I finally had time to start the “A Year in the Life” series this weekend and I wanted to share my first impressions of this revival short series.

“I smell snow” – Lorelia Gilmore’s first words in the Gilmore Girls series revival.

I Smell Snow Gilmore Girls

I was so exited to see that they started out in the winter because of Lorelia’s love of snow, it made me feel like I was back in stars hallow taking a snow walk with the infamous duo. Familiar faces started popping up everywhere the camera panned to. Kirk, Taylor, Mrs. Patty, Lane and too many more to count. Seeing these faces made my heart bounce with glee and not surprisingly, it made me crave a nice cup of coffee. There was one character that we did not see and it hit us all very hard even with 2 years of grieving already. Edward Herrmann, the actor behind our favorite Grandpa Richard Gilmore, passed away in 2014 leaving many heavy hearts within the Gilmore Girls fan base and so much more. I will admit that a few tears joined my eyes during the funeral scene and seeing Emily without Richard but it was done very well and includes a marvelous larger than life painting of the infamous Richard Gilmore.

Let’s talk about Luke and Lorilia. They are finally together! The series finale left us hanging as to what the actual relationship status was of those two, I mean come on a kiss could mean anything. The first scene of Luke cooking in the kitchen and yelling at the girls for eating tacos before dinner made me remember why we all fell in love with Luke. I am a bit worried for the couple, but I have not finished the series yet so I’m hoping that I am just reading too much into it and that they still work out. Luke and Lorilia were the couple of all couples and I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t root for these two. Seeing Luke with Rory through out the series as well, he was like the father she never had and seeing them together made us all jump with joy.

Boys boys boys. A lot of previous relationships came back in the Rory department and no one is complaining. Logan Huntzberger looks just as handsome as he did when he first appeared on the show in 2004, and maybe more depending on your taste. He was the bad boy (besides Jess) that Rory fell for and  let go of near the end of the series. He was Rory’s college love and partner in crime and really formed a big part of Rory’s character. Logan gave everyone, man and women, butterflies in their stomach; don’t like, it’s okay. Jess and Dean also make appearances but so far I have only seen Logan and Jess. Jess was never really my favorite but he is growing on me in these new episodes. I think the bringing back of Logan made me so excited because I didn’t think it would happen, I mean with Jess & Dean in Rory’s past why would you bring back Logan? But I’m glad they did. Logan gives Rory, the famous goody two shoes, a bad side that most of us can relate to. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the goody two shoes Rory but seeing more flaws in her character make her more, well real.

Logan Huntzberger Then and NowDean Forester Then and Now




The first episode of this series was mostly about explaining the absence of Richard Gilmore and letting us see all of the characters we fell so madly in love with years and years ago. We got to see into Lorilia & Luke’s life, catch up with Rory and wonder why on earth Kirk got a pig but not being completely surprised. I am in the middle of the “Spring” episode currently and I can’t get enough. This was done with such grace and keeping with the original theme and actors made us all more certain of our love for this show as well as the community of people it entails. Stars Hallow will always be the town we wished we lived in, and Rory will forever be the girl we all wanted to be best friends with. This revival series is turning out to be one of the best re-creations I have seen along with the most heart warming, well so far. I have not finished this yet but will within the next week or so. Stay tuned for most posts on this subject as it is all I can seem to think about, but in this world I’m alright with that.


Happy watching, talk to you next Monday;