I hope you are all having a great Monday getting your To Do list ready, getting that last load of laundry going and getting ready for the beginning of another week.

The holiday season is in full swing and will be entirely over us here in the next week or so. This means turkey dinners, peppermint flavored everything, mistletoe showing up in the most inconvenient places, and for must of us including me this means it is the season of Road Trips. Some of us are traveling to family, friends, or maybe traveling away from everyone for the holidays. Me and Arron travel to Ohio this time every year for thanksgiving, because we cannot miss Arron’s Mom’s thanksgiving dinner. Our road trip is about 8-9 hours depending on traffic from where we live now (Franklin KY). Map of Road TripI’m very experienced in road trips and enjoy them. I spent an entire summer with my dad in a semi truck going cross country and never was bored.  I have a system to road trips that I want to share with you all today. This will include what I find helps to stay awake on those long night dives, what road trip snacks I recommend, and some tips of traveling with a young dog. This might be common knowledge to some or a “starter kit” for others, but either way I hope you enjoy!

Kimmy’s Road Trip Tips and Tricks

  • Packing the car. This is a very important step in your road trip and can define how the rest of your trip will go. If you know you are traveling from warm to cold weather make sure you pack your sweaters at the very top of your suitcase or leave them out all together. If you know you are going to have to stay the night somewhere on your way to your final destination make sure your necessary luggage is the most accessible so you don’t have to unpack your entire car for a quick nights sleep.
  • Snacks and Drinks. I am always in charge of snacks and I make sure we have a variety. I am someone who gets car sick very easily and sometimes having crackers on hand is the life saver that I need. Also while you are driving sometimes having something crunchy is what you need to get through the next few hours of looking at a dark night sky. Some of the snacks that are my Go To’s are: Cheese Its, Sunflower Seeds, Pringles and Beef Jerky. Drinks aren’t as important to me but to me it is cheaper to bring drinks then to be constantly stopping for them. I usually grab Vitamin Waters, a couple big water bottles and a few cokes. I love the vitamin waters because there is always a sale on them somewhere.
  • Music. Music is one of the most important aspects of a road trip, but you also have to be very aware of who is your car. In my case it is my, Arron and our dog Melody. Me and Arron have pretty similar tastes in music and well Melody could care less, so this is easier for us. I am usually in charge of the music. I am very proud of my Pandora stations and I pull out all the big guns for our road trips to Ohio. I have stations that are our go to for singing along and just rocking out (this is our Foxy Shazam station). I have a station that I  like more than him (this is my Avril Lavigne station). I have ones that I know I can sing along to every song that comes on which helps me get through the night drive, and yes, it is my Disney station. Sometimes singing your heart out is what really wakes your up more than a quick shot of espresso from the Starbucks on every corner.
  • Traveling with your Dog. We bring Melody with us to Ohio each time we go and we got lucky with this dog. She naturally does great in the car but there are a few things we’ve learned along the way. We keep Melody in her harness the entire trip and we wrap the leash (the part you hang on to when walking her) around the headrest of a backseat and connect it to her harness. We leave enough slack so she can turn around and stick her head out the window. This makes sure she doesn’t get a wild hair and jump out of the window and if we need to do an emergency stop it keeps her from slamming into the seat in front of her. We also learned to NOT let her chew on a raw hide when all the windows are closed and the heater is on – that smell will give you a headache and it takes away for the stench to go away. We bring her blanket and a pillow to lay on because she does get bad anxiety when she sees her things getting put into the car, but after we get going she calms down.
  • Snow and sleet while driving. I don’t have a lot of experience driving in the snow but I will say one thing on this: know when to stop driving and pull over. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it to try and keep going in bad weather. Pull over at a rest stop and wait it out, especially if it is dark outside. We have had to do this before and sitting there waiting wasn’t very fun. But we knew it wasn’t worth it to keep driving.
  • Start with a clean car. Your car is going to get trashed during this, and that is okay but start with a clean slate. Plus you are going to be in this vehicle for who knows how long, you want to start off on a good foot.

I hope you all travel safe this holiday season. Weather you are driving through snow or warm sandy beaches some of these tips might come in handy. I know I’m excited to make the trek back up to Ohio in the next couple weeks and Melody is too. Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday because everyone is always so generous with their left over turkey.


See you all next week –