I will be turning 22 any day now, and I recently took some time to reflect on the last 21 years. From when I was a kid dying to grow up, to when I thought I was a grown up, but really still a kid. These came to me throughout the last few weeks as I really started thinking about it. Some might give you a giggle, other might not. 21 years doesn’t seem that long when you compare it to 75 or 80, but to me it is still a whole lot of life I’ve lived.

  1. Just because you can eat ice cream for breakfast, doesn’t mean you should do it often. Yes I said often – every now and again is okay and well deserved.
  2. Sometimes your hard work isn’t always appreciated instantly, and that’s okay. If you truly work hard, you will see the appreciation when you least expect it.
  3. Being honest when you make a mistake is 150% better than trying to lie about it. You will always always get caught in your lie and it will be worse. Just own up to your mistakes, it will work out better and you wont ever make that mistake again.
  4. Trust your gut.
  5. Don’t wear your cute shoes that are horribly uncomfortable. You will regret it tomorrow and it will not be worth it. Here is an extra tip – no one notices your shoes, but they will notice your awkward limb the next day.
  6. Never stop learning. No matter what you are doing, you never know if you are going to find something you love out of it or if you are going to learn something that will come in handy later.
  7. The love of a dog is one of the best and most pure feelings you can ever experience. Melody is mine and Arron’s world and she shows us how much she loves us each day. She knows when I’m upset or not feeling well, and you can see her demeanor change to be the best dog and friend she can be for me based on what she thinks I need.
  8. Go outside. That speaks for itself. Just go outside and enjoy it. Me and Arron recently started hiking a lot and we have made some of the funnest memories by just getting outside.
  9. Being a server was one of the hardest jobs I’ve had but I will push that my future children do it for at least a summer. You learn work ethic and that sometimes you just have to get over it and do your job.
  10. Laughter is the best way to a better day.
  11. Id rather have a dog that jumps on me when I get home and gets my clothes dirty then a cat that acts like I don’t exist until they are hungry.
  12. Saying “no” is okay.
  13. Matching and folding socks doesn’t really matter, But it makes me feel more of a put together adult knowing that my socks are matched and put away.
  14. Asking for help before you are on your last string. Don’t wait until you can’t handle it – ask before you get to that point.
  15. On that last note – we aren’t superheros. We can’t do it all, no matter how much I want that not to be true. I am only human and I can’t do everything myself.
  16. Wear what you want – don’t worry about what other people think of it.
  17. Take pictures and videos for other reasons than Instagram and Facebook. Take those for memories and for something to look back on. You might not want to just have the filtered versions to see in a few years. Keep the originals.
  18. Sing. Sing in your car. Sing in the shower. Sing even though people are watching.
  19. Always try things on before you buy them. I’ve tried this over and over again. I buy something and don’t try it on, and then it sits in my closet never worn.
  20. Taking a day off when you need it is okay.
  21. Fred Weasley’s death is still one of the most heart breaking things I’ve ever experienced.

Here I am 22. This next year will be a big one, and I’m so excited. 22 will bring me into my first marriage, 1 full year of management experience and who knows what else. I’m sure 22 will go by even faster than 21 did, and that’s okay.

I hope you all had a marvelous Monday and that you are all finally enjoying the fall weather.

See you next week,