Happy Halloween internet! I hope everyone is having a great Holiday and that you all have amazingly spooky costumes in the works. I personally am not that into Halloween. My costumes are never as great as they are in my head, the parties were never that fun, and I don’t like when peoples faces are covered. My best friend Cameo on the other hand, she LOVES halloween. This is by far one of her favorite holidays ever. She always talked me into to dressing up and she really is the happiest on this holiday. So I figured since this holiday makes me think of her, that I would tell you a little bit about my best friend.

Me and Cameo met in 6th Grade, she was the new kid on the block. Our friendship did in fact start with our love of Mustard, as every life long friendship does. Our friendship quickly spiraled into something amazing, we became inseparable almost instantly. She was there to help explain my math homework to me when I was about to give up. She was there with me through my first break up, and allll the others that came after that. She was there with me when my family fell apart, and she then became one of the most important members of my family. We were no longer friends after that, we were sisters.

2009 – Freshman Year

We ended up going to different High schools, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t  see each other. I would frequent her campus with donuts and hot chocolate on cold days. She was on her highschools football team, (I mean come on, this proves I have the coolest and most badass best friend ever), and I couldn’t be prouder of her. She was tougher than most of the guys on that team, not just in muscle, but in spirit as well.

If you ask me what my favorite memories of our friendship are I would tell you they are when I would force a study break on Cameo. I would steal her out of her world and bring her into mine, which at the time was very loosely organized chaos. We would go for late night drives, and trips to walmart where we usually wouldn’t end up buying anything. Our town was small, but we knew it was only temporary and tried to make the best of it. This meant trips to the movies to see every new chick flick, trips to the river to tan and talk about boys. Near the last couple years of highschool we spent a lot of time in Sacramento visiting more of her family. We loved taking those trips together, it was just us against the world.

2012 – Summer after Graduation

As highschool ended we knew a day was coming, a day where we would no longer be within 10 minutes of each other at all times. We were dreading this, but at the same time we were both excited to start our lives outside of this small town. We were excited to live out the dreams we talked about in my truck as we drove the back roads of Oroville. This day finally came during the summer of 2012. Cameo joined me when I moved to Southern California for about a week before she headed back up north to Oregon to attend college. We said our goodbyes at the train station near surfers point in Ventura. This was the end of one chapter, the one of us as kids dreaming about the future. It was time to make those dreams come true, and we knew we would have to be apart to do it. Long distance was hard, but we figured it out and made it work. We have only seen each other twice since then, but she is still there for me and I am still there for her. Thankfully we have snapchat, skype, and texting. This is our lifeline to each other, and we will always find a way to keep that life line alive.

Summer 2013 – The last time we were together.


To tell you all of our adventures would take a series of novels, and I know for a fact that those adventures are not over. I’m sure our adventures will only get crazier, because we can now include wine in them. Cameo, thank you for being my best friend, sister, life coach, therapist, nutritionist and time traveling companion. Happy Halloween, I wish I could be there with you for this crazy ass holiday.


Kimmie (aka: Kimeo)