As a kid I figured that some things would come naturally to me as I grew up and became an Adult. Turns out that is not true, not even a little bit. Maybe some of these things I did learn, just didn’t pay attention or maybe I just missed the “adult” class I was supposed to take.

  1. Directions. I am the most direction-ally challenged person I have ever encountered. I always assumed I would get better at it. But then Siri and google maps came along and there went that. I can read a map, my dad taught me that at a young age, but actually getting to the other side of the map, well that wouldn’t go well. I get lost going to restaurants I have been too many times in a town I’ve lived in for 2 years.
  2. Keeping my car clean. My car is always a wreck and I generally don’t care. I clean it out about once a month, and I really don’t care about keeping it that way. Mostly I clean it out if I know someone might be driving with me, mostly so they have some where to put their feet.
  3. Doing the dishes after dinner. Who wants to do dishes on a full and happy stomach? I sure as hell don’t. That is the absolute last thing I want to do after dinner, what I want to do is snuggle on the couch and enjoy the rest of my night. We usually do dishes about 3-4 times a week. I usually make sure all the dishes are clean by Sunday night, that we have a lot of wiggle room during the week.
  4. Being home alone. I am one of those poeple that has to have all of the lights on in the house when I’m home alone at night.  I have gotten better though, I used to have to have my ipad playing in the bedroom to create background noise. I have since grown out of that, but it is hard to go upstairs when I’m home alone, but I have the courage every not and again.
  5. Going to bed on time. This usually is a problem when we are binge watching a new show on Netflix. “Just one more episode they said”, “It’ll be fun they said”, “It will be worth watching the season finale of Lost to be dead tired in the morning.” I always regret it, yet I keep doing it thinking that it will be different. It never is, well maybe for lost, but that is the only exception.
  6. Changing Light bulbs. We wait until the last bulb goes out to change them. I’m sitting in my living room looking around and I see 3 that are out just in my eye sight. I know there are at least 2 out in my bathroom and I think one in the bedroom. We will wait until they are all out and the sun goes down to buy more. Oh the one on our front porch is out too. Maybe we just need better bulbs?
  7. Keeping up with my hair color. I color my hair and have since I was 13, and it hasn’t been anywhere near my natural color in about 5 years. This means I color my hair often, but not as often as I should. I usually have about an inch or more of grown out roots to do anything about it. Mostly because I can’t make up my mind about what color I want to do next, and because when it grows out I can see how much it has grown.
  8. Checking the mail. There was a point where my mailbox was so full that the mailman couldn’t fit anything else in it. Arron then checked the mail to just find out that I don’t check it, ever. When confronted with the fact that I obviously have not checked my mail in more than a month I screamed: “It’s just a box of anxiety!” and from then on it was Arron’s job to check the mail.
  9. Drinking a whole can of something. When I open a pepsi, or a coke I’m so excited and I think I’m going to drink the entire thing. But that almost never happens. I have great intentions, but no follow through. This goes with anything in a bottle as well. I am the culprit you are looking for to see who didn’t finish their beer. It was me, I get it, I’m a horrible person.
  10. Cleaning places of the house that you don’t see everyday. I’m talking about the area behind the end table, under the TV stand, and under the bed. If I can’t see it on a day to day basis I probably wont clean it until I have to. Those instances are very few are far between. It might be on the few days I feel OCD, or if someone is watching the dog at our house. Cobwebs take over, dust bunnies procreate and melody’s dog hair turns into a whole new animal.

There ya have it, 10 things I suck at that I shouldn’t as an adult. Maybe you can relate to some, maybe reading this has made you reconsider the fact that you know me. Either way, I’m okay with it. Maybe I’ll grow out of some of these, or they will just get worse. What do you suck at when it comes to Adult-ing?