We all have those little things that people do that really get on our nerves right? Well I know I do. And let me go into this saying that I know most of these are me being picky or weird, and I accept that. So here it goes, a list of my pet peeves, no matter how crazy or impractical.

  1. People using their speaker phone while driving – but are holding it up to their face so it really defeats the whole “hands free” option when you use it like that. In fact I think it is more distracting, so either hang up or pull over.
  2. When someone pauses mid-sentence for no reason what so ever. “So I turned around the corner and…” *stares out into space* FINISH YOUR SENTENCE! This also goes for talking while eating. Finish your sentence before you take another bite instead of just pausing mid syllable to eat.
  3. Soon, in a little bit, and later are not times on a clock. When I ask you when you are going to be somewhere and you answer with “soon” I might flip my lid. “Soon” probably means something completely different to you than it does it me. To me “soon” indicates that you will be here within 10-15 minutes, to most other people “soon” means whenever they hell they feel like it.
  4. When I ask someone, “Would you like this or this” and they answer with just Yes or No. Every time I give them the benefit of the doubt and re-play my question in my head to make sure I didn’t ask a Yes or No question. 95% of the time they probably were not listening and just wanted to make this go away faster, little did they know they just prolonged this process even more.
  5. Ring back tones. I don’t want to listen to some random song or tune while you ponder about answering your phone or not. Just let it ring like a normal person.
  6. Your phone rings and you miss it by a second. You wait a moment and call that person back, but they don’t answer. You literally called me 2 seconds ago and now you all of a sudden can’t answer? I call BS.
  7. Waiting until the last possible second to get gas. Arron knows how much I hate this and sometimes sees how far he can push me. Why risk running out and having to figure that mess out? Just pull over and get gas when your light comes on.
  8. Answering machines that sound too much like someone answering the phone. I start talking and by the time the beep comes I am so confused I forget why I was calling.
  9. Not having your read-receipts turned on (iphone). I don’t understand why people don’t like that feature. If you have this turned on I can check to see if you are super busy or if you are intentionally ignoring me. Okay – this might be the inner control freak in me as well.
  10. When I can tell where a girls real eye brows end and the different colored pencil begin. I am horrible at filling in eyebrows, I’ll admit that 100%, but at least I don’t color them outside the lines with a pencil that is way too dark. I am no makeup guru and even I know that is very very wrong.

Well there it is, 10 of my many pet peeves. I’m sure there are many more I’ll think of as soon as I press “publish” but these are definitely top 10. Some of these I know are just in my head and I try to keep a calm face when faced with them. Others I just cannot stand and I am not responsible for what comes out of my mouth after witnessing one of the above situations.

Can you relate to any of these? What are some of your pet peeves?

I look forward to reading your comments!