We all have guilty pleasures, things we do in the privacy of our own homes that might seem slightly odd to others. I have many, but let’s start with one of my favorites.

Buzzfeed is a very popular app, facebook follow, and youtube channel. Buzzfeed is full of news, recipe videos (yes, those Tasty video’s we all love and wish we could re-produce), and funny quizzes. What this particular writing journey about is their videos, particularly Lady Like, the Try Guys and Life Change.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of these videos in each of these categories at least twice. Recently it has been hard for me to find videos I have not seen yet, and this is when I was scouring Youtube in hopes of finding a good laugh. I watch them to unwind from work, or when I can’t sleep. I watch them when Arron is watching something on TV I can’t stand. It’s what I do when I just need to turn my brain off, when I need a moment of serenity.

Ladylike is probably my favorite. I love watching them do things that are not necessary and sometimes quite ridiculous. I’ll admit that while watching them I’ve said out loud, “Oh that’s so Jen.”, or “Safiya come one, we all know you love that lipstick.” as if I know them and they know me. Instead of a crazy cat lady I’m the crazy Buzzfeed lady. (Please don’t write that on my tombstone).

Since I’m here talking about it I thought I would share some of my favorites. Some of these I love not neccissarly because I laughed out loud, but because I have had these thoughts or wondered about these things through out my life. In no particular order here they are:

Women Try Tape Contouring – Ladylike. I love this video because I think these make up “fads” can get quite ridiculous, and these ladies seem to understand this.

The Try Guys Try Makeup Tutorials – The Try Guys. I laughed when I first saw this one. Most men have no idea how hard this whole makeup thing really can be!!

Women Try Bizarre Runway Trends – Ladylike. I have always wondered what it would be like to wear these crazy trends to in real world. They just did it for me.


Stay Tuned for more Guilty pleasures in the future! Let me know what you want to hear more about in the comments below!

Happy watching;