Over the last year Arron has been teaching me a lot about basketball. We watched the Cleveland Cavaliers lose to the Golden State Warriors last year and we are currently watching The Cav’s fight for their spot in this years finals. It started with Arron ranting about them on our walks and it finally started to peek my interest. Since Arron is from Ohio we are big time Cleveland fans, this includes Lebron James. We went and saw Trainwreck just because Lebron was in it for a total of 10 minutes. But still the aspect of the game fascinates me, the strategy and the players personalities. It’s like a huge IF formula in excel to me, and that is all I needed to learn to become a fan of the sport that I once never cared for. So I compiled a list of things I’ve learned and now love about basketball while watching steadily this season.  

  • Lebron James is a tank and is the King.
  • Sometimes it’s a good idea to foul someone who has a crappy free throw percentage.
  • If you are a physically big player you might not get fouls called on you as often as your smaller counterpart
  • I love watching Matthew Dellavedova play, he takes on guys twice his size without a second thought
  • Lebron probably drives a Kia.
  • Matthew Dellavedova is in fact fearless.
  • Coach Gregg Popovich gives literally ZERO fucks.
  • JR Smith can shoot you out of a game as fast as he can shoot you into a game.
  • Alan Iverson is the original streetballer.
  • Steven Adam’s looks and plays like Khal Drogo
  • In Russia Timofey Mozgov rides bears not horses
  • It doesn’t matter how many games you win in the regular season, *cough* *cough* Golden State.
  • Apparently it’s okay to kick another player in the balls on the court.
  • Even though I’m not a sprus fan I love watching Coach Popovich’s postgame interviews and laughing at the amazing responses he gives.

It might be a silly list but I have truly enjoyed watching the Cav’s play this year. The strategy of each play and the team work amazes me.  Now we just need two more wins and we are off to the finals. Maybe we will match up against Golden State again, or maybe it will be OKC, either way I hope we crush them.

-See you at the finals;