Today was a little more normal due to it being Monday and it was back to work I go. It was weird not having to worry about waking Arron up while I get ready. I was able to watch the Office at full volume while I did my make up and got ready for the day.

Work was pretty normal, me and Arron do work at the same office but in different departments so it is not uncommon for us to not see each other all day. After work I headed home only to find that the AC was not fixed yet. Luckily it wasn’t too hot today but it was still miserable in there. So I loaded the dog into the truck and headed over to my dad’s house for about an hour. She got to play with his dogs and enjoy a back yard. We can’t wait to buy a house so she has somewhere to play. Luckily we live in the back of our complex so there is some space but not nearly as much as she deserves. After she got tired out and I cooled down we headed home and waited for the maitenance guys to come by.

Today was pretty uneventfull, but uneventfull is okay. Me and the pup are watching the Office in bed. Currently we are watching Pam and Jim’s wedding, talk about setting the bar high. Arron called a few minutes ago to check in and when Melody¬†heard his voice she jumped right up to my lap and wined at the phone. Don’t worry pup, he’ll be home soon.

Usually I complain that our bed is too small, but tonight I feel the exact oposite. It is definetly too big for one person. I might have to break the “no dogs ont he bed rule” tonight.

See you tomorrow;