Day 2 of being home alone.

First I hate that for some odd reason my body wont let me sleep in anymore, so I was up at the amazing hour of 7am, on a Saturday. I made some breakfast and relaxed for a few hours. Melody was more than happy with this, she loves Saturday morning snuggles. We then binge watched the new season of Young and Hungry and made a pros and cons list of getting off the couch. The pros ended up out weighing the cons, and I went about my day.

I went and got some layers put in my hair and picked up a present for my step mom for Mothers Day. I headed home to drop off the present and pick up melody. I figured we would go for a drive, that is what we usually do on Saturdays so why should today be different? Well I soon learned why Arron always does the driving on our drives, he is not direction-ally challenged and I definitely am. I jumped on the 65 because I figured why not? Well I’m rocking out to my Yellowcard pandora and look to my left to see that the 65 back to Hendersonville is backed up all the way through nashville and beyond. I start to realize that I am now getting lost and pull off somewhere east of nashville. I stop at a gas station and found my bearings and started making the back road journey home.

We got home and played with melody for awhile. She has this Kong, it’s usually a toy that you stuff treats in and the dog works to get it out. Well Melody likes it better as a ball and the fact that it bounces everywhere when we throw it. She jumps all around the apartment and occasionally she even throws it for herself.


After she calmed down a bit we tired some more trick training. She already knows Shake & High five and I’ve been meaning to teach her some more. She is grasping Dance but Roll Over is showing to be harder. She is very stubborn, not sure who she got that from.

We settled down and I made dinner. Chicken & avocado pasta salad for me, Rachel Ray Chicken dog food for melody.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful but still good. Today will be filled with meal prep and going over to my dad’s house.

See you tomorrow