Arron had to go to Ohio for a few days leaving me home alone until Monday or Tuesday. This is the first time I’ve been home alone since October of last year. I’m not used to be home by myself. I’ve lived by myself before but Arron was here almost every night before he officially moved in.

So here it goes, I’m going to document the next few days of me being home alone. Who knows what will come of this, might be super boring or I might have a crazy adventure.

Night 1-

Arron left this morning so it didn’t really sink in that he wont be home until a few hours after I got home. Usually on Friday after work we come home and just relax. So that is what I did. Then it started to sink in that I was by myself. Arron called to check in during this time and it made me feel like I was in high school again. Talking on the phone, laughing, and telling him all about my day. After I relaxed for a few hours and talked to him I got up and didn’t exactly know what to do. I looked around and decided that I would clean up. I got the laundry going, dishes done and picked up everything and put it in it’s place. Now what?

It’s about 8pm and I’m realizing that I almost never cook dinner on Fridays we usually go out, it has become our date night. It’s strange going from always cooking for two to cooking for one, especially for dinner. Dinner is something me and Arron always do together. This might not sound like much but we try to make it a point to each dinner together every night, no matter how late one of us gets home. It was weird not doing that tonight. So I made a quick pasta dish with some broccoli for one. After my solo dinner I folded more laundry and now I’m here, on the couch writing this post. I’ve already checked to make sure the door is locked twice, and I’ll probably sleep with most of the lights in the apartment, (sorry for the electric bill babe). Melody is realizing that Arron isn’t coming home at this point and is getting a little more sensitive to noises as she usually does when we are home alone. It freaks me out a little when she jumps up because of the wind or when the neighbors come home but I know she is just doing her job.

Tonight wasn’t very eventful, and I’ll probably head to bed soon after I finish watching Train-wreck. Tomorrow will be strange, I’m used to waking up early and enjoying some time by myself catching up on shows that Arron hates and patiently waiting for him to wake up. Then we would usually go on a long drive and talk about our dream house. But that wont be happening tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll go find an adventure of some sort, who knows.

Talk to you tomorrow for Day 2 of my Home Alone adventure.