I think of myself as a very creative person, always have been. I have more journals and sketch pads than I care to admit, but they all have 1 thing in common. They are all unfinished. I’ll have days, even weeks that my creativity is bursting at the seams, then i’ll have dry spell. This is when I’m either too tired to get the gears moving or when I just don’t feel inspired. I found myself reluctant to write posts because I felt they weren’t creative enough or that people would even want to read them. I’ve been trying to get that out of my head, but it is a constant struggle.

This “gift” of creativity is great, but then again sometimes It is as if I’m not living up to my potential. Me and Arron would watch an interesting movie and I think “I could write something like that, I just don’t have the discipline.” Then i’ll go on to think that I’m dreaming too big, I could never write a book, I could never do a long term blog, I just don’t have it in me. But that’s not true. Yea I have missed about a week or more on this blog, but that’s okay. I’ll get back to it, I just have to give my self a break. I have to find the things that inspire me, and really build on that. I find myself just wanting it to get out of my head, all those crazy twists and turns that could be something great. I just need to get them out, but some days they just aren’t ready or need more energy than I have to keep growing.


It’s amazing how much just moving from California to Tennessee has changed my creativity. In California if I was feeling uninspired I would just go to the beach for a few hours with my favorite Pandora station and the creativity would just flow. This used to be my “lets get the juices flowing” place:

beach2 Beach1

I’m still trying to find that place here. I’m trying to incorporate inspiring things into my own life, like right now; I have my headphones in with my Red Hot Chili Peppers station going. It’s bringing me back to those nights on the beach, and I finally felt inspired for the first time in weeks.

I’m sure all creative people go through this, I just wish there was an on & off switch for it, and that when I had it turned off it would build up so when I turned it on it would just escape like a dammed river. That’s not how it works. I look at my half filled sketch books that I haven’t touched in months and get sad, where did that go? I look at the quirky paintings I’ve done on my walls and wish I had that drive every day. Creativity can be a bitch, but then again, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. It’s one of my superpowers (I’ll have to do another post about another superpower I’ve found within myself another time).

So please, share what makes you inspired. Is it a song? A place? An activity? What is it? Let’s help each other find the things that make us inspired, that makes our minds flow in all of those amazing ways. Let’s do this.

Let’s keep creating;