As you know my friend Cameo asked me to participate as a GP (Guinea Pig) on her blog this last week! She gave me a 7 day arm challenge based on this pin:



I’m excited to say that it has been 7 days and I definitely saw some results! My arms feel toner and stronger. This wasn’t a complete fix but it was a great start. Some of the exercises were easy, others were challenging. The triceps kickbacks were the easiest, I could do the most reps with the most weight. The shoulder flies were the hardest by far, the first two reps seem easier but you instantly feel your shoulders burning. Over all these were great, but I do have one complaint: these did not really focus on my “problem” area which is the flab under my arms. I think I will be adding these moves to my daily routine. And for any Bride to Be’s out there, I would definitely recommend these exercises. My arms feel great and I wore a tank top for the first time in 6 months this week because of this challenge.

Check out Cameo’s blog for full details on what the challenge was and to see the full results:

Thanks again to cameo for this opportunity! Check out her blog through out the weeks for more fitness fads!