This week I was invited to participate in a 7 day fitness featured on my Best Friend, Cameo’s,  blog.

(Check out her blog here:

My fitness challenge is all about the arms. For 7 days I will do the below exercises and see what the actual results are at the end of the week. As a Bride to Be I’ve been looking for exercises that focus on the arms and upper back, (I don’t want any bra-bulge in my dream strapless dress). I’m hoping I see results, but either way I think these exercises will land in my daily routines. Go check out her blog with the link above for more details on the challenge, my code name is “Blue Box Tennesse Girl”. Thanks for everyone’s support in this fitness challenge!


A big thank you to Cameo for asking me to participate! I’ll be giving updates on my Twitter (@kimmaysshearerr) & Instagram (@kimmayshearer) so make sure to stay tuned! I’ll post again at the end of the 7 days with before and after pictures and my thoughts on this fitness challenge.