Confession Time;

Me and Arron are 100% addicted to HGTV

For those of you who don’t know what HGTV is, (hopefully that’s no one becuase it’s amazing). It is a TV Network full of home renovation, remolding and improvement. Rehab Addict, Love it or List it, and Fixer Upper have been our favorites. But be warned, one you start watching , you can’t stop.

As I was saying;

Some might think that an HGTV addiction is harmless. Well it’s not. It’s a very serious problem. Here are some of the problems we’ve experience:

  • “Flow” and “Open Concept” are now part of our every day vocabulary.
  • When I see a wall I instantly wonder if it’s load bearing. Then I imagine knocking it down to create said “open concept”.
  • I instantly hate our apartment 150% times more after we finish an episode of anything HGTV.
  • I have more dreams about granite counter tops and hardwood floors than I care to admit.
  • It has given us unrealistic expectations as we look at houses to buy.
  • The unrealistic exceptions are also there in those “quick & easy” renovations.

Fixer Upper has been our recent HGTV binge experience. Some of the people on these shows amaze me. We watched an episode of Fixer Upper the other night about a couple who wanted to “downsize”. I put downsize in quotes because they had a “small” budget of $650,000 and wanted a MINIMUM of 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and a kitchen that’s bigger than our whole apartment. You want to downsize? Come switch with us.

I’m also pretty convinced that when we go to buy a house it’s going to be quick, with a witty realtor, who is best friends with an extremely good looking contractor, and it will only take use a commercial break to get all moved in.

Is anyone else out there an HGTV addict? Let’s talk about the open concepts we love and the popcorn ceilings we hate, together. Tweet me:@kimmayshearer Let’s embrace our addiction.

-Until next time;