Hello there and welcome to my life!

I’m Kimmy and I’m very excited that you chose to come on this adventure with me. My adventure takes place in Tennessee and Kentucky (I live right on the border). Come with me as I figure out marriage, trying to buy a house and exploring myself as a writer. I have an amazing Husband, Arron, and an adorable dog named Melody. During the day I work in an office with real people all around me. At night I am here, with all of you, writing and creating.

Here at The Life of Kimmy you will find content that varies from week to week as far as subject matter. I love to create. One of my favorite ways to create is to write. I chose this platform and I have since fallen in love with it. Follow along my daily life, topics I feel strongly about and the images that come from my camera. I want to learn more about this world and learn more about literature in general. This blog is where I put my thoughts and ideas into the universe for all of your beautiful eyes and minds to ingest. Thank you for joining me and I promise I wont disappoint you, well I’ll do my best at least.

What I’m currently reading: The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes – Leonard Goldberg – 2017

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Photo Blog – I like to pick up my camera every so often, see what comes of that!

 Writing Prompts – Where I let my brain wonder into the depths of the universe.

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